Crucified messiah other essays

The pseudo-name Messiah literally means Anointed (One) , but since in Israel only the King, the High Priest and prophets were anointed, the name Messiah means much rather Inaugurated or even Highest Earthly Rank . And since the title mashiah is almost exclusively reserved for the King of Israel, the name Messiah is really a pseudonym for King ( Christians may like to think that only Jesus is called Messiah in the Bible, but this isn't true. The prophet Isaiah , for instance, proclaims כה־אמר יהוה למשיחו לכורש or "thus says YHWH to His anointed [ messiah ], to Cyrus" — Isaiah 45:1).

John 19:32 and 33 do not make any sense if there were only two men crucified with Jesus. If that were the case, the soldiers would break the legs of the first man, and then come to Jesus. But that is not what these verses say. If we can get a mental picture of the five men being crucified, here is what we would see: Jesus would be in the middle, and next to him on both sides would be the criminals, who were crucified at the same time he was. Then, on the outside of the criminals and further from Jesus would be the two robbers. If we read the verses with that picture in mind, they fit perfectly. The soldiers were commanded to break the legs of those who were being crucified so they would die faster. Naturally, they started on the outside and then went down the line. They broke the legs of “the first,” that is, the first man they came to. Then they broke the legs of the next man, “who had been crucified with him.” That is exactly correct! The criminal next to Jesus had indeed been crucified with him, while the robber, the first man to get his legs broken, had been crucified much later. Then, when the soldiers “came to” the third man in line, which was Jesus, they found him already dead. Jesus was the focal person, so there was no need for John to say that the soldiers then went around Jesus and broke the legs of the other two men.

Crucified messiah other essays

crucified messiah other essays


crucified messiah other essayscrucified messiah other essayscrucified messiah other essayscrucified messiah other essays