Demographics essay

I was interviewed by a Canadian religious scholar several years ago for a book he was writing. I asked him what he thought the future of the Church of Scientology would be. He told me that the biggest mistake Miscavige had made was in thinking the church had become generationally supported. He said that that process usually takes at least a century. He also said that he thought the subject would continue to be practiced in some form by individuals and small groups but not as a formal religious institution with monolithically controlled “places of worship.”

Wheelwright believed allowing women a leadership role in the teaching of LDS gospel is important. As things stand now, getting married and having kids is the Mormon woman’s primary responsibility within the LDS faith, she said. The lopsided gender ratios feed preexisting disillusionment among Mormon women by making their core duty—getting married—difficult, degrading, or even impossible. Said Wheelwright, “In a religion where women are already unnecessary to the essential structure of the church, having a gender imbalance where you have too many women just compounds that effect.”

Demographics essay

demographics essay


demographics essaydemographics essaydemographics essaydemographics essay