Dissertation topics for business strategy

When you sit down to write a dissertation proposal, it is highly important to think out your topic so that no important aspect is left out. With an aim of covering every little bit of the dissertation, the way you will approach the proposal will play a crucial role in the outcome of the project. That said, there are a couple of contents that are pervasive as far as writing a dissertation proposal is concerned. Irrespective of the structure as well as the word length, the following are mandatory of your proposal.

  • The Dissertation Topic : Frequently straightforward and concise, it is perhaps the title of the research project. Remember that the title is the identifier and must be direct to the point.
  • The Introduction : This part states your core research questions and all the important background facts throughout the procedure. At this stage, you are free to relate contextually to any matter surrounding the project beforehand.
  • Aims and Objectives : This is straightforward; what you want to achieve and your predicted results. Some institutions might require you to state your rationale at this particular point.
  • Methodology : Empirical or non-empirical; will you go to the field to collect data or just use already existing research and publications?
  • Literature Review : You can introduce any existing theories using a descriptive writing approach
  • Scope of the Dissertation and Expected Constraints : Resources List all your expected sources of your data
  • Timetable : How you plan to complete the project research including all the dates and their respective jobs
  • References : This part acknowledges all your sources of information, and you must cite each of them.
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    Dissertation topics for business strategy

    dissertation topics for business strategy


    dissertation topics for business strategydissertation topics for business strategydissertation topics for business strategydissertation topics for business strategy