How to overcome mental depression

I was fortunate to serve as the state coordinator of the NAMI Anti-stigma Campaign .  NAMI National had devised a campaign to educate the public about the true medical nature of mental illness. Their main goal was to increase awareness of these illnesses and to help insurance companies realize that they should be treated equally with any other illness. Minds and hearts were changed all over the country because of this campaign. Mental illness is now openly discussed and this helps alleviate some of the burden on patients and their loved ones.

To conclude, mental blocks can drastically impact an athlete’s development, especially if for example the athlete is a diver and they have to perform a particular dive in order to compete at the same level as others. Some athletes have particular assets, whether natural or specifically worked upon, that makes them less subject to a mental block, such as their mental toughness, self-confidence or focus style. Yet overall, a mental block isn’t the end of the world – there are many techniques that athletes can use to overcome a block, and they’re even easier to combat with the help of coaches, team mates or sport psychologists.

How to overcome mental depression

how to overcome mental depression


how to overcome mental depressionhow to overcome mental depressionhow to overcome mental depressionhow to overcome mental depression