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AllMusic calls the compilation "a fascinating, educational listen, even if it's not necessarily indispensable." [8] Q gave the "enlightening" box set a perfect score and wrote that "the backing music tracks sans vocals opens your ears to a bevy of awe-inspiring nuances previously obscured by singing. At the same time, the isolated vocal tracks are nothing less than spiritual in their emotive wallop." [13] The New York Observer ' s D. Strauss called the stereo mix "pointless", adding, "I must admit that, as a music geek, listening to Mr. Wilson hold myriad consultations on when to beep the bicycle horn in 'You Still Believe in Me' carries a portentous thrill". [16]

Author Michael Zager wrote that Pet Sounds resembles Spector's productions more than it does Rubber Soul , and that it recycles many of Spector's Wall of Sound production watermarks. [46] [nb 12] Wilson talked of Spector's influence on his work, having learned how to produce records through attending his sessions, and in a 1988 interview, Wilson asserted that the album aspired to "extend" Spector's music, that "in one sense of the word, we [the Beach Boys] were his messengers." [48] In Pet Sounds , Wilson sought to emulate Spector's Wall of Sound, driven by his fascination with "combining one [sound] to make another ... It's amazing". [49] Shortly before the album's release, Wilson spoke of recent popular music trends, saying "[They] helped the Beach Boys evolve. We listen to what's happening and it affects what we do too. The trends have influenced my work, but so has my own scene." [50] In 1996, Wilson said of his partnership with Asher: "none of us looked back ... We went forward, kind of like on our own little wavelength. It wasn't like we were thinking, 'Okay, let's beat Spector,' let's out-do Motown .' It was more what I would call exclusive collaboration not to specifically try to kick somebody's butt, but just to do it the way you really want it to be. That's what I thought we did." [19] [nb 13]

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My pet essays

my pet essays


my pet essaysmy pet essaysmy pet essaysmy pet essays