Police code of silence essay

Student Life, University Police and the creators of the Lifeline Response have partnered to bring an exciting new phone app to ASU called Lifeline Response Enterprise. The app is available at no cost to students, faculty and staff. Primary student funding for Lifeline EDU is possible through the Student Organization Leadership Fund.

Lifeline Response Enterprise  is a personal safety mobile application for iPhone and Android.  While you are walking around campus or about your daily lives, you can arm the app by placing your thumb on your smartphone screen.  To initiate immediate emergency response, all you have to do is remove your thumb from the screen.  If something happens to you, authorities can be dispatched within seconds. A hands free timer mode can be used for longer activities such as jogging, carrying books or shopping bags or walking through a parking lot to find your car.

Eddie Cusack is a Chicago police officer about to bust some members of the Comacho gang when the gang is shot up by a rival drug gang from the neighboring building, led by Tony Luna. Victor Comacho is the only survivor of the Comacho gang and his older brother, Luis, who is the leader of the gang, retaliates by killing Luna's family and kidnaps Luna's daughter, Diana. Cusack must face Tony Luna and Luis Comacho alone because nobody on the police force is willing to help him since he was the only cop who broke the code of silence by testifying against a fellow cop who killed an unarmed teenager, but Cusack is not really alone. A police robot called "Prowler" aides Cusack as he takes down the gangs. Written by Anonymous

Police code of silence essay

police code of silence essay


police code of silence essaypolice code of silence essaypolice code of silence essaypolice code of silence essay